Behind the Scenes: The Birth Of Life Cycling Apparel

Zilker Pace Behind The Scenes Life Cycling Apparel

Many people are asking, "Why aren't you advertising?"

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas... and whatever else that inflames consumerism have all blown by and we at Zilker Pace have chosen to be quiet.  Not because we don't want your money, we will most certainly need that at some point, but because we're not interested in doing what everyone else is doing - and we don't want you to buy our stuff just because you're feeling pressured to buy something that day.  We have a little bit of a complex, and want you to want us, for us... not because it's a holiday. 

Joking relationship baggage aside here's the honest truth: 

We're not ready for you yet... and, you're not ready for us.  

We're not interested in being another cycling apparel company.  We think there are plenty of wonderfully expensive kits out there, and plenty of wonderfully affordable kits. Don't get us wrong, we'll never turn down an opportunity to put some middle fingers on something - jerseys included... but that's not WHY we're here. We're here to change how cycling clothes work and feel. 

zilker pace cycling jersey


We're creating what we call, LIFE CYCLING Apparel 

Which means, we're creating clothes you can wear on and off the bike. Whether that means wearing them into a yoga class, or to coffee, or on your century ride, you'll be able to wear our performance apparel all day and never feel silly.

We're not joking.

We're creating something that doesn't exist yet - and we want to get it just right for you, so it's taking us a bit of time.  We're working closely with some of the world's leading designers and manufacturers to revolutionize how cyclist dress and feel. Because this is 2019 and the internet is everywhere, we're not going to reveal exactly what our Life Cycling Apparel is until it's ready... we can't have someone richer than us stealing our stuff. 

What we can say is:

Our #1 goal is to create something everyone will love.  Something everyone from casual neighborhood bike cruiser to Cat 1 racer or century rider will love and benefit from. Whether your bike costs more than a car and is hanging in the living room, or somewhere you have a rusty beater hiding in the garage...we want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to ride your bike.  And we want that to be an investment you can benefit from all day, not just the few hours on the ride. 

Our #2 goal is to help people love their bike. Some people really love their bike, they're strapped into their trainer and know exactly how many watts they're riding at...and that's awesome.  We may or may not be in that camp.  For the rest of the world, these people make cycling pretty intimidating.  For others, it just hurts their genitals, is too much a hassle, too pricey, or they've long lost the spark they felt when they rode their bikes as kids. We want to make cycling fun and accessible for as many people as we can.  And we think our first launch in our Life Cycling Apparel line will be the perfect start. 

zilker pace life cycling apparel story

Well, that's it for now. We'll be starting to share more about what we're doing and why, so when the day comes, you can choose for the right reasons to love us ;). 


All that being said, do ya'll want us to make a jersey with a ton of middle fingers on it? B/c we have that ready... 




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